Virtual Orlando

A quick Google check of the word Orlando returns over 107,000,000 results and first on the page is the Orlando Travel and Visitors Bureau, followed by Orlandoinfo.com/attractions. The word Orlando has become synonamous with vacation and travel.

Travel and vacations is only part of the story when surfing the web for Orlando related inflromation. A Google search for the term Orlando Business returns a whopping 51,000,000 results, while Orlando Attractions returns only 14,100,000. “Although we strongly cater to businesses that are centered around tourism and travel, over 70% of our new work comes from Orlando businesses not related to travel and tourism” said Danny Hefner, a website developer for Web Solutions of America. “People are often surprised to learn that Orlando is a leader in many industries apart from tourism” (www.wsoaonline.com)

Although hotels and vacation discounts, restaurants and theme parks dominate the search results when Googling Orlando, many discoveries are to be made in Orlando apart from the Magic of the vacation industry.