The Guide to Cheaper Travel to and From Orlando

It always seems as if the average person neither has the time nor the money for a vacation or trip out of town. The drastic change in the economic climate has made it more difficult than ever for the average American to afford the costs of travel. With the rising price of gas and airline companies quick to charge for baggage, it seems as if the once plentiful options for cheap travel are rapidly depleting. To most people, the days of cheap travel have quickly coming to a close. This simply isn’t the case.

In American society we see to it that the methods of mass ground transit are shut out of our day-to-day activates by select our cars for most of our travel. Whether it’s a trip to the store or across country, as Americans, we ensure that our personal vehicles are by are sides not matter what. While the use of family sized vehicles provide a sense of independence, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to take your vehicle out on the open road. For these situations a bus provides a cheap and efficient form of transportation. The everyday American may see mass transit as useless or obsolete, but the fact is it’s the cheapest alternative to driving or flying.

Think of a bus as one vehicle taking 20-30 passengers to a destination as oppose to 30 vehicles going to that very same destination. Though a bus may consume more gas than your individual car, the cost of gas is shared between the 20-30 passengers as opposed to one when using a bus. This results in a lower cost of travel. Bus companies like Red Coach are currently selling tickets from Miami to Orlando roundtrip for $20. This is the same price that some airline companies charge for carryon bags. If you decide to drive yourself from Miami to Orlando the cost in gas would equal $46.60 roundtrip for a car that gets 25MPG and the price of gas being $2.50. Let’s not forget that you are driving too as opposed to having someone else drive for you.

When it comes to cheap travel, it’s a no brainer; the bus is king of traveling on a budget.  The ability to move a large amount of people from one destination to another while minimizing costs, makes the bus a viable option for anyone looking to travel.  Changing your airline company or even the car you drive may save you’re a few dollars hear-and-there, but sometimes the simplest way to save when traveling is to change the way you travel.