Social Networking Websites for Orlando Christians

There is little we can do to escape the obscene images, videos and content that exists on the internet. At any time you’re just one click or typo away from accessing a site you had no intention of visiting. Even credible news outlets are covering gossip and celebrity news that isn’t suited for Christian beliefs.

Places like Facebook and YouTube are continually posting content that isn’t suitable for children, yet it’s easily accessible to them. So where can Christians go to post content and socialize with others that share their beliefs? The answer is Orlando Christian-friendly social networking sites.

These sites aren’t advertised like Facebook and YouTube and you’ll have to search for them, but it’s a safe place for children and families to explore the internet.

Sites to Visit

The next time you’re searching the internet, take the time to check out some of the top social networking sites for Christians:

  1. MyFaith – MyFaith is a Christian video sharing site that wishes to spread the Good News of Jesus and anything Bible-related. The site prides itself on being a safe alternative to YouTube. Their concern is that when people search for Christian videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites, people sometimes find videos that aren’t Christian-related. When you post your video to MyFaith, it’s automatically posted to YouTube as well.
  2. ShoutLife – ShoutLife is a free social networking site that is similar to Facebook. You can customize your own profile with videos, pictures, networks, events, instant messaging, blogging and more. ShoutLife has created a family-friendly community that is clean and fun. It’s a great site for connecting with friends and meeting new people.
  3. GodTube – GodTube is another video sharing site that offers faith-based videos that are meant for the family. Here you’ll find Christian singers, bands and their music videos. You’ll also find videos of Christian comedians and comedy skits. In addition to the wide selection of faith-based content, you’ll also find funny and cute videos of everything from families to sports to animals. GodTube makes it easy for you to find videos that are safe for everyone to enjoy.
  4. myPraize – myPraize is the Christian version of MySpace. MySpace quickly took a backseat to Facebook, but it does still exist. At myPraize Christian singers, bands and musicians can upload and share their music with others. They can also post their music videos.
  5. MyFlock – This site is targeted more to churches and their members. MyFlock offers web solutions for churches wishing to unite their members. Their websites are designed to make it easy for churches to manage content and other forms of communication, including emails and newsletters. Their program can also track attendance, donations and more. When members join the community, they can make a profile, blog, photo album, and even create their own web page.

Parents are continually looking for ways to manage the sites their kids visit and these social networks provide platforms that are safe. Kids might be hesitant to jump away from Facebook as their primary social network, but mentioning it at the next youth group meeting won’t hurt. If a few jump on the rest may follow.

Guest post on behalf of First Baptist Orlando