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Roberts & Robold, P.A. – Orlando Family Law Attorneys

Roberts & Robold provide aggressive Orlando family law representation for those going through divorce, looking to change the terms of alimony, or fighting for child custody and visitation. The attorneys understand that these are deeply personal matters, and fight to get their clients the results they deserve.

Because divorce can be extremely emotional, Roberts & Robold are there to help you keep a level head. They provide personal service while still getting results. They can use collaborative law process to keep your divorce out of court and as amicable as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, so these Orlando divorce attorneys are also fully prepared to litigate in trial on your behalf, and will fight to protect your assets.

Roberts & Robold are experts in child custody and visitation in Florida. They are especially sensitive to children who often get caught in the middle of a divorce. They aim to get clients’ custody and visitation matters settled as quickly as possible so everyone can move on and normalcy can be restored to your child’s life.

If you are dealing with a divorce, want to change the terms of your child visitation rights, or are fighting to get child support in Central Florida, contact Roberts & Robold today.