Orlando Rental Industry

Much of Orlando Florida’s population is of a transient nature becasue of the booming economy. Many young professionals will relocate to Orlando through a job transfer, or to get established in their chosen line of work, only to retun “home” once they have gained marketable experience in their field.

As a result, the rental / leasing industry has experienced continual growth throughout the last 16 years in Metro Orlando. People who move to Orlando with the knowledge that they are short-timers here will take advantage of very competitive lease rates on such items as furniture and appliances and in some cases even cars and homes.

David Stout has worked in the appliance rental industry for many years, feels this growth is exponential. “The growth of the industry seems to feed on itself, the more our clients take advantage of the low monthly rates, free delivery, maintenance and set-up for their appliances the more people see the value and give us a call for their own appliance rentals

Whether you are in Orlando to get your career started, or want to avoid the hassles of repair, servicing, upgrading your appliances and household electronics make certain to check leasing before you buy, you might be very glad you did.