Proper Water Pump Maintenance

Anyone who has ever owned a pressure washer understands that there comes a time where you need to replace or repair your pump. While some may find this to be quite the daunting task there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

A quick look inside your pressure washer will reveal that your pump is powered by two parallel belts connected to the engine. It is always important to ensure that you don’t starve your pump from water. Starving a pump could result in the pump burning out.  Though most pressure washers come with a safety feature to ensure that your pump doesn’t burn out it is always important to take a safer approach when dealing with your pressure washer.

Changing the oil on your pressure washer is vital to maintaining the health of your pressure washer.  Try changing your oil once a month to get the maximum value out of an oil change. When draining the oil there is a possibility that you could find bubbles or some white substance. If this had occurred you have blown the seal and water is leaking into the oil. This can be caused by water starvation. This is quite an expensive fix so changing your oil and preventing water starvation is quite important.

A pressure washer, like most tools, need to be properly maintained in order for you to get the maximum amount of use out of them. By following a few simple procedures you can ensure that your pressure washer lasts as long as it should.