Lawn Care Worries Rise with Orlando Summer Heat

As summer arrives and temperatures rise, so does our concern for our yards. This is the time of the year that Orlando lawn businesses need our help the most. They have more yards to mow and less time to get them done. When it comes to lawn care in the summer, mowing three to four times a month is the easy part.

If you wish to keep your lawn lush and weed free, you’ll have to get out there and do some work. A yard’s appearance changes quickly this time of year and you have to be proactive versus reactive. Getting behind can make a difficult job harder and last much longer.

Summer Tips for Keeping a Green and Weed Free Lawn

If you plan on doing the work yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

Raise the mowing height – Taller grass provides shade for the grass and soil and thus keeps soil temperatures lower. Roots can grow stronger and deeper with more shade.

Water the yard – It’s best to water the lawn in the early to mid-morning hours. It’s ideal to water for longer periods of time less often than it is to every day for short periods of time. Keep in mind that Orlando has designated watering days so find out your days before watering.

Keep an eye out – You have to watch your lawn closely during the summer months. Weeds spread quickly and treating them before the progress is always best. Be careful not to treat them with products that kill healthy grass nearby. If you see brown spots, make sure water is reaching the grass in those areas. If it is, then you have a bug or disease problem on your hands and will need specific products to solve it.

Fertilize – Fertilizing during the summer can help your lawn a lot, but too much fertilizer will burn the grass. Consider fertilizing once at the beginning of summer and again towards the end of it. Even distribution is key to fertilizing properly. It’s best to do it when the grass is dry and completely water free.

If this seem like a lot of work and too much to keep up with, consider hiring an Orlando lawn care company. They’ll take care of weeds, bugs, ants, brown spots, and so much more. They often give recommendations and education on your yard to make you more aware.

Make sure you find a company with landscaping experience and the products you’re looking for. Some companies offer pet-friendly lawn care where you don’t have to keep your pets off the lawn after it’s treated. Yes it costs money to keep your yard looking great, but you’ll be glad you spent the money when your neighbors are struggling to keep theirs up.