Insurance Claim

What You Need For an Insurance Claim

After a long and hard day at work you decide to call it a day and drive home to your family. As you are making your way home, a driver who is texting on his phone races through a red light and hits you. You check to see if you are ok, and then think to yourself “how will my insurance company handle this”. Many drivers find themselves in this sort of scenario every single day. To receive the full benefits of your insurance claim you have start gathering information the minute you are hit. Listed below are a few things you need to do to make a proper insurance claim after an accident.

Know your policy

It is critical that you know your insurance policy. An insurance policy is not just a piece of paper but a contract between you and your insurance company. Every single question that you think about asking needs to be asked before you file a claim.

Get in contact quickly

When involved in a car crash, time is definitely not on your side. Contacting your insurance agent as soon as possible is very important when it comes to gathering information for your claim.

Keep a copy of police report

With regards to a collision, getting a police report could help your insurance claim. Before you leave the scene of the accident it is always important to get the address, number, and name of the other party’s insurance company.

Get more than one estimate

Getting a quality estimate could help your case move faster. An adjuster could possible approve your claim the day you come to them if your estimate is from a quality source.

Get all necessary documents

Insurance cases are not based on he said she said. Having the required documents is pivotal to winning an insurance claim case.

With quick thinking, good timing and the proper documents you can make the insurance claim process a lot smoother. With these few steps you can go a long way in strengthening your insurance claim case.