Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a term given to furnished apartments and hotels leased to companies and business travelers seeking a longer solution than a standard hotel, but shorter than most leases will allow from apartments. They are most often furnished with all the comforts of home including linens, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and dishes.

As Orlando has grown from its typical stereotype of a vacation destination into a major force as an economic powerhouse, hoteliers have taken notice. Understanding the needs of the business traveler is the first step in gaining their confidence and extended stay facilities have made it a point to cater to those needs. “We certainly appreciate the family vacation business that call our hotels home for a week or two and we work hard to earn their business, but you just can’t ignore the sector of the market that is staying in Orlando while fulfilling the terms of his or her contract with a local Orlando business” Alan Chane, President of Home Suite Home said recently. www.homesuitehome.com

Extended stay facilities ability to cater to vacationers, business travelers, the transient workforce, and the transitional resident has made it a popular choice among all sectors.

Certainly price pays a consideration also. The average stay at an extended stay facility is under $200.00 a week, while the average hotel room in Orlando costs $96.00 a night.

Nationwide, a consulting company for the lodging industry reported almost 60,000 rooms that fit the criteria as corporate housing units in over 30 metropolitan areas. This represents an increase of 12% over the last 3 years.