Magic in Orlando

To the average tourist, Orlando is a magical experience filled with wonders and surprises at every corner. Main attractions like the Magic kingdom or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter fill up tourists’ busy schedules with weeks’ worth of magical events. While these main attractions may be enough magic for the average visitor, the more enthusiastic magic fans will come to find out that there is quite a large community of magical acts outside the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Year-round thousands of magical acts are performed to impress both tourists and locals alike. If there were ever a capital of magic it would be Orlando Florida.

So why is Orlando such a magical place? The sunny weather combine with eager tourist makes the city of Orlando a perfect place to host a magic show. Year-round millions of people visit Orlando to explorer the many wonder of the sunshine state’s most magical city. Hundreds of magicians come to Orlando to meet the demand of eager tourists. This results in hundreds of magical acts that call the city of Orlando its home.

Whether it’s the Magic Kingdom or a Universal Studios Magic Shop, the vast array of magically events is staggering. With millions of tourist visits and the wide variety of magic acts, Orlando Florida is truly the magic capital of the world.